Pulp for board and packaging

Pulp that meets future demands on board and packaging

Rottneros manufactures several types of pulp suitable for board and packaging. The Bulk Booster, for example, makes it possible to produce a thicker, and thus stiffer, cardboard of the same amount of raw material. The Robur Flash Kraft sulphate pulp is also a great choice for increasing the strength and thus also the convertibility.

Stable packaging protects your goods

Board is a generic name for thicker grades of paper used in the manufacture of packaging for food or other products, and in graphic contexts. The pulp is produced at both Rottneros Mill and Vallvik Mill and is a sustainable choice for board and packaging manufacturing.

For more information about our products and the pulp that best fits you, please contact our technical experts.

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Our specialists optimise your end products

Rottneros’ employees have extensive knowledge of the customers’ end products and often work closely with the customers to achieve pulp that is optimised for their particular product. One example is at Rottneros Mill, where the customer’s laboratory staff has been on site, working side by side with Rottneros’ own experts to analyse the pulp in trial runs.

Contact Technical Questions
Mechanical pulp for board and packagingRottneros Mill

Erik Gillberg Head of sales, mechanical pulp +46 270 622 21 erik.gillberg@rottneros.com

Chemical pulp for board and packagingVallvik Mill

Cristina Sjöberg Head of sales, chemical pulp +46 270 620 33 cristina.sjoberg@rottneros.com