Special pulp and customised solutions

A large range of customized mechanical pulp

Baking paper, wallpaper, shoe soles and laminate flooring are some examples of what our special pulps are used for. We offer a wide range of mechanical pulp as well as bleached and unbleached chemical pulp. We're happy to help you find the optimal solution for your end product.

Bleached and unbleached chemical pulp

A chemical mass i produced by boiling wood chips. It is the chemicals in the liquid that dissolve the lignin in the wood, thus exposing the fibers. The chemical pulp is excellent for bleaching, which means that it gives a strong paper that can be used to advantage for printing.

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Mechanical pulpRottneros Mill

Erik Gillberg Head of sales, mechanical pulp +46 270 622 21 erik.gillberg@rottneros.com

Contact technical questions
Chemical pulpVallvik Mill

Cristina Sjöberg Head of sales, chemical pulp +46 270 620 33 cristina.sjoberg@rottneros.com