Pulp for printing and writing paper

Paper that does the picture justice

When it comes to pulp for writing and printing paper, fibre distribution is important in order for the paper to have a smooth surface and provide good print quality. Strength is also important so the paper does not tear. Rottneros combines high-yield pulp and sulphate pulp to provide customers with the advantages of both simultaneously, and thus the best possible conditions to produce good paper.

Purity and opacity important for thin paper

For thin packaging and printing paper, as well as a number of special applications, opacity is important when low light transmission is required, such as when the print should not be visible through the sheet of paper. Similarly, the purity of the pulp (low “shives content”) is important when manufacturing thin paper. Rottneros has a clear competitive advantage with its pure and high-quality pulps. A type of pulp that is perfect in this area is Opacity Extreme.


Maintained competitiveness

In mature industrial countries, the rise of digital media has resulted in the decline of graphic paper, a trend that has impacted many industries. The Rottneros Group’s broad product portfolio creates opportunities to adapt the pulp mix and produce exactly the properties that customers want, which is an important component of our offering and a way to continue to be niche players on a historically large market.

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